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Why Plastic vs. Cardboard?

Because reusing and reducing are even more important than recycling. Recycling takes a lot of energy. Did you know that cardboard boxes that have excessive glue or tape can’t even be recycled? To the landfill they go! Our bins are infinitely reusable. Another little-known fact: bedbugs love cardboard! So beware of those boxes you pick up for free.

How Many Bins Should I Get?

We’ve set up packages based on number of bedrooms and the “average” mover. You have an option to add additional bins after you’ve chosen a package. So, if you’re a hoarder, you should add a couple extra and if you’re a minimalist, perhaps take a step down.

What Happens If I Need More Bins In The Middle Of My Move?

No problem! Reach out to us and let us know how many more bins that you need and we will do our best to accommodate in a timely manner.

Is There Any Delivery Fee Charged?

There's no fee for delivery or pick up if you live on the ground floor or in an elevator building. If you'd like the bins delivered or picked up from your walk up apartment, there's a $9.99 fee.

Can I Choose A Delivery Time?

Of course! We’ll work with you as best we can to make the drop-off and pick-up as convenient as possible.

Can I Keep My Bins Longer If Necessary?

Absolutely! We offer the ability to rent up to four weeks during the check out process. If you need longer than that, we have reduced rates for longer term rentals. Give us a call for more information on how to schedule.

Can You Make More Than One Delivery or Pick Up Of My Order?

Every order includes one free delivery and pick up. If you need more than one delivery or pick up, a $29.99 fee will be applied for each instance. Additional deliveries and pick ups also depend on our availability.

I Have Movers Already -
Can I Still Use Bin It?

Of course, movers love ours bins too! If you want the movers to pack your belongings, let them know you already have bins. If you will be packing yourself, simply pay the movers to transport the bins.

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Our plastic moving bins provide a sturdier,
more eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.

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